Our Business

We believe in the potentials that each student has and we will strive to bring out their inner ability.
We hope to contribute towards the realization of a better society by making students' life shine brighter.

What are we living for? How do we want to live?
hat kind of impact do we want to give to the society?
And how should we live the present to make it come true?

We only live once - the more earnestly we confront our lives, the more we ask these questions to ourselves.

We believe that we can find the answers for these questions by purposefully confronting ourselves.
We call this process “我究” (GaKyu).
“我” (Ga) means “myself”, “究” (Kyu) means “pursuit”.
As a result of 我究, the path we should take will appear in front of us spontaneously.

Find the life path to take by ourselves, build a career,
take actions vigorously and then contribute to the society while making our dreams come true.

We, Japan Business Lab will support people in connecting the visions they have and the actions to realize them
– and this is our biggest mission.