About us

Trade Name Japan Business Lab. Co. Ltd.
Founded in September 18, 1992

Takako Sugimura [Profile]

Executive Managing Director Tomohiro Kumagai
Executive Managing Director Yosuke Kariya
Executive Officer Makiko Yamada
Strategic advisor Michimasa Naka
Strategic advisor Yasuyoshi Kawamura
Advisor Yosuke Ito
Main Business School management (Gakyukan and Presence), development and sales of learning methods and products, sales and personnel consulting service etc.

Tokyo head office/ Gakyukan ・ Presence (Tokyo)
Ao Bld.11F, 3-11-7, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061, Japan [How to Access]

Contact Information: TEL:03-5466-9090