Corporate Philosophy

[Japan Business Lab Mission Statement]

-Our efforts toward the ideal-

Brighten people's lives
Change the world for the better

[Japan Business Lab Value Statement]

-Our Action Policy-

Love and Respect

Nothing is more important to us than the trust and confidence placed in us. We always provide our customers with heart-felt hospitality

Improve Personality and Ability

We act in accordance with high moral standards and diligently strive to improve our personalities and abilities. We work hard together as one by building an open-minded relationship based on mutual trust.

Ceaseless Efforts for Challenges and Development

We continue to seek a better service method without being satisfied with the status quo.

[Our Message]

Toward Integrity

Our Message in the Company Logo

The logo is an image of a yacht sailing the oceans. We will be globally active in the field of nurturing human resources.

The “J” represents a man, “B” represents the shape of a woman, and “L” is the wave that bonds them together.

This logo conveys our drive to realize a better society through the collaborative efforts of male and female. The logo represents our commitment to developing human resources who can open the door to the next era and succeed globally, just like sailing the oceans of endless possibilities.