Reaching your goal in 2 months

We use coaching methods in our teaching and this is what separates us from all other language schools.
We assure you that you have our extensive support to achieve your goal in the shortest time possible.
We show you the right path and guide you along through coaching.

Since the opening of the school in 2001, we have opened as many as five courses: TOEIC(R) L&R, TOEFL(R)TEST, IELTS TEST, Conversational English and Chinese. In 2013, we started providing services for corporations, and in 2016, we launched the consulting service.

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Why Presence?

  • 1.Promising Outcome

    Weekly assignments are the key to improvement.
    If you work hard at it, you have our guarantee to get the desired result.
    This has been proven by 25,000 students since our opening in 2001.

  • 2.Reaching Your Goals Fast

    With us, you can get a high score in a short period of time.
    An efficient curriculum, functional and yet innovative methods, and in-depth coaching—our line of service firmly supports you in earning a high score.

  • 3.Comrades Who Have the Same Goal as You

    Every course is provided on a classroom basis.
    Studying with other people and sharing the same goal will surely motivate you.
    With your classmates and coach, you head straight for the goal.

Score Achievements(As of March 2018)


Before, Average After, Average Average Score Increase
900 Course 791.9 874.7 82.8
750 Course 630.5 749.3 118.8
600 Course 491.9 606.0 114.1


Before, Average After, Average Average Score Increase
105 Course 85.6 98.3 12.7
90 Course 73.5 89.0 15.5
70 Course 55.3 71.6 16.3
55 Course - 58.0 -

English Course

Overall Satisfaction Rate of Conversational English Course 92.4%

Chinese Course

Overall Satisfaction Rate of Conversational Chinese Course 92.4%