Company History

Thank you for having been with us since our foundation in 1992.
Here is the overview of our history that we developed thanks to your support.

  • 1992
    1. Japan Business Lab was established by the founder, Taro Sugimura

    2. Gakyukan, Japan’s first career design school was set up in Moto Akasaka, Tokyo

    3. Gakyukan-Gakuseiko (for undergraduate students) opened

  • 1993
    1. Relocated to Omotesando Kotto-Street

  • 1994
    1. The first edition of Zettai Naitei, a must-read book for job hunters, was published

  • 1995
    1. Relocated to Omotesando Kita-Aoyama

    2. Gakyukan-Shakaijinko (for businesspersons) opens

  • 1997
      1. Gakyukan-Syakaijinko (for society) opened
  • 2001
    1. Taro Sugimura was admitted to Harvard Kennedy School John F. Kennedy School of Government

    2. TOEIC test 900-ten, TOEFL test 250-ten heno Oudou was published. The book was written by Sugimura Taro, based on his life-experience. (In May 2008, the title was changed to TOEIC test 900-ten, TOEFL test 100-ten heno Oudou)

    3. Presence was set up. Sugimura’s language learning methods were systematized in this TOEIC & TOEFL coaching school

  • 2003
    1. Sugimura finished his studies at Harvard Kennedy School (MPA)

    2. The Conversational English course opened at Presence

  • 2004
    1. Atsui Kotoba was published.

  • 2008
    1. Sugimura joined the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, as a researcher

  • 2011
    1. Relocated to the Ao Building, 11F

    2. The Chinese course opened at Presence

    3. Taro Sugimura, the founder of Japan Business Lab, passed away

  • 2013
    1. Presence started services for corporations

  • 2014
    1. The IELTS course opened at Presence

    2. For a Better World (later known as Adaptive Leadership) opened

  • 2015
    1. Online course opened at Presence

    2. Prospective employee training service for corporations started at Presence

    3. Consulting service for universities started at Gakyukan

  • 2016
    1. Consulting service started at Presence

    2. Zettai Naitei 2018 and Zettai Naitei 2018-Internship were published by Gakyukan

    3. As of July 2016, the Zettai Naitei series has sold 1.56 million copies since 1993. A total of 80,000 copies were sold with Atsui Kotoba and 70,000 with TOEIC test 900-ten, TOEFL test 100-ten heno Oudou (newest: 15th revised edition)

  • 2017
    1. Number of Graduates (as of April 2017): 8,500 with Gakyukan, 21,000 with Presence

    2. Sugimura Taro, Ai to Sono shi was published

    3. The logo mark and corporate message of Japan Business Lab were created.

    4. Work-Life Design was set up

  • 2018
    1. Accent reduction course opened at Presence

    2. Gakyukan Kioicho campus was set up

    3. Zettai Naitei Techo were published by Gakyukan

    4. The Zettai Naitei series was the best selling book at the university co-op for 10 consecutive years.

  • 2019
    1. OBOG-kai(Gakyukan graduates union) was set up

    2. TOEIC®L&R Web class opened at Presence

    3. Alumni event officially opened at Presence

    4. Well-being Academia service started

  • 2020
    1. Relocated to the Ao Building, 2F

    2. Group online course opened at Presence

    3. Online class opened at Gakyukan

  • 2023
    1. Tatoe asu owatta to shitemo “yarinokoshita kotohanai” to omoeru jinsei ni suru were published

  • 2024
    1. Relocated to SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE, 39F (February 2024)

We work as one with the slogan: We are a value-creating enterprise that brings out dreams, hopes, and pride in people.