Company History

Thank you for having been with us since our foundation in 1992.
Here is the overview of our history that we developed thanks to your support.

  • 1992
    1. Japan Business Lab was established by the founder, Taro Sugimura

    2. Gakyukan, Japan’s first career design school was set up in Moto Akasaka, Tokyo

    3. Gakyukan-Gakuseiko (for undergraduate students) opened

  • 1993
    1. Relocated to Omotesando Kotto-Street

  • 1994
    1. The first edition of Zettai Naitei, a must-read book for job hunters, was published

  • 1995
    1. Relocated to Omotesando Kita-Aoyama

    2. Gakyukan-Shakaijinko (for businesspersons) opens

  • 2001
    1. Taro Sugimura was admitted to Harvard Kennedy School John F. Kennedy School of Government

    2. TOEIC test 900-ten, TOEFL test 250-ten heno Oudou was published. The book was written by Sugimura Taro, based on his life-experience. (In May 2008, the title was changed to TOEIC test 900-ten, TOEFL test 100-ten heno Oudou)

    3. Presence was set up. Sugimura’s language learning methods were systematized in this TOEIC & TOEFL coaching school

  • 2003
    1. Sugimura finished his studies at Harvard Kennedy School (MPA)

    2. The Conversational English course opened at Presence

  • 2004
    1. Atsui Kotoba was published.

  • 2008
    1. Sugimura joined the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, as a researcher

  • 2011
    1. Relocated to the Ao Building, 11F

    2. The Chinese course opened at Presence

    3. Taro Sugimura, the founder of Japan Business Lab, passed away

  • 2013
    1. Presence started services for corporations

  • 2014
    1. The IELTS course opened at Presence

    2. For a Better World (later known as Adaptive Leadership) opened

  • 2015
    1. Online course opened at Presence

    2. Prospective employee training service for corporations started at Presence

    3. Consulting service for universities started at Gakyukan

  • 2016
    1. Consulting service started at Presence

    2. Zettai Naitei 2018 and Zettai Naitei 2018-Internship were published by Gakyukan

    3. As of July 2016, the Zettai Naitei series has sold 1.56 million copies since 1993. A total of 80,000 copies were sold with Atsui Kotoba and 70,000 with TOEIC test 900-ten, TOEFL test 100-ten heno Oudou (newest: 15th revised edition)

  • 2017
    1. Number of Graduates (as of April 2017): 8,500 with Gakyukan, 21,000 with Presence

    2. Sugimura Taro, Ai to Sono shi was published

    3. The logo mark and corporate message of Japan Business Lab were created.

    4. Work-Life Design was set up

We work as one with the slogan: We are a value-creating enterprise that brings out dreams, hopes, and pride in people.