Gakyukan is Japan’s first school to support finding employment and changing jobs.

At our school, students choose their career path from a broad selection of choices, ranging from seeking employment, changing jobs, and starting a business, to going to law school, attending medical school, studying abroad for an MBA, and obtaining certifications.
Whatever your choice, our experienced coaches will be there to support both the visualization and realization of your dream.

Why Gakyukan?

  • 1.Get the Job You Really Want

    At Gakyukan, we attach great importance to the support of students to get the job they really want.
    We help students find the optimal work field and job for them. We are committed to cultivating global human resources with the strength to live through any era.

  • 2.Getting job offer from many renowned corporations – Top Naitei

    In 2016, many of our students received multiple offers from renowned corporations, such as leading general trading companies, major advertising agencies, and mega banks.
    These students are considered future candidates for senior management.
    They are also privileged in assignment after joining the company.

  • 3.Broad Graduate Net Work (Consisting of 8,500 People)

    Twenty-five years have passed since the foundation of Gakyukan in 1992.
    We have sent off more than 8,500 students.
    We are proud of the fact that they are playing an active role in society.
    Whatever field you are interested in, you are guaranteed direct guidance from our graduates.
    Please get our support on receiving multiple job offers from leading companies.

Past Offers

School for Undergraduates

Job Offer Rates of First Choice 90.7% (2017, School for Undergraduates)

School for Businesspersons

Job Offer Rates of First Choice 93.0%