Greetings from the President

It All Starts with Gaining Deep Insights into Yourself

Takako Sugimura, President, Japan Business Lab Co., Ltd.

“Live out your life because you only live once”

In 1992, Taro Sugimura, the founder of Japan Business Lab, established "Gakyukan," the first ever career design school to open in Japan, hoping to enlighten the lives of as many people as possible.

Vulnerability can be turned into strength. At "Gakyukan," we’re committed to helping our students gain deep insights into themselves, because we firmly believe that everything starts from there. We come face-to-face with our students, hoping for the day where they contribute to society.

The company started with only a few people and has developed continuously. By April 2017, we’ve sent more than 8,500 graduates to various fields of work. Our bond is strong. We are still connected to each other through our Gakyukan network.

In 2001, Taro Sugimura established "Presence," Japan’s first language coaching school. Through his experiences at Harvard Kennedy School, he realized the necessity of fostering human resources who can take a leadership role on the global stage.

"Presence" is based on a classroom curriculum. In addition, given the opportunity by corporations and educational institutions to work on language education in Japan, we strive to make the best commitment through our coaching.

We have and will always aim to make society a better place through collaborative efforts. As a step toward this, we’d like to help more and more people feel like they are living their lives to the fullest.

Our desire to "foster human resources with virtuous characters ~Toward Integrity" has been with us ever since the school establishment. To bring our mission to fruition, we will make the greatest effort. We do hope you will give us continued guidance and encouragement.

Takako Sugimura
President, Japan Business Lab Co., Ltd.